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ZBri Dance Company

Multimedia movement artist

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Phone: 304.716.5409
City: Belington
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Zip Code: 26250

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Zoë Bri is a West Virginian site specific dance artist, choreographer, and teaching artist based in Baltimore MD. Her work empowers others to realize that there is a world bigger and broader than themselves; to illuminate an experience of self awareness and contemplation. To engage the audience in a sojourn or journey within themselves, but also more subjectively to their environment. Zoë’s work also reflects her diverse background that includes a variety of western dance styles as well as West African, Baltimore Club, Swing Dancing & traditional Appalachian Square Dancing.


A multimedia artist by nature, Zoë’s experience onstage has also been surrounded by other opportunities such as Brickscape 2018, a multimedia installation in collaboration with Kylie Proudfoot-Payne, capturing a riverscape in Charleston WV as a painted dancer.  In her work she likes to incorporate visual elements and experiences that can add layers and mold the dancers bodies as they mold the space around them. She continues to explore this multimedia work in her film projects including Blocked In, MMXX, Aflame, and her upcoming piece Fateful Signs set to premiere October 2021. Zoë has worked with a variety of artists including, Ronen Koresh, Katherine Helen Fisher, Pat Taylor, Diedre Dawkins, Danielle Agami, and danah bella.


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