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Painting & Illustration

The Mountain Arts District boasts a strong, vibrant community of painters and illustrators who work in a variety of styles, methods, and materials. Both painters and illustrators typically provide art for sale as individual art pieces, commissioned work and commercial art for business use. Artwork styles are wide-ranging and can include fine art topics (landscape, portrait, still life), cartoon, and technical drawings.

Painters are fine artists who work in paint mediums—including oil, watercolor, acrylic, encaustic, pastels and mixed media—using a variety of techniques. Illustrators develop artwork in both traditional fine arts mediums—such as pen and ink or charcoal—as well as computer-aided design using programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Explore our painter and illustrator profiles below for examples of these impressive pieces.

Maggi Rhudy

Maggi Rhudy

Maggi Rhudy creates decorative gourds, printmaking, paintings, basketry and paper cut art.

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