About The Mountain Arts District

Appalachian Arts Destination

The Mountain Arts District (MAD) is a non-profit collective of artists and artisans from every genre—visual artists, writers, performing artists, craftspeople, galleries and arts venues—located in north central West Virginia. We came together to strengthen the arts sector and highlight this region as an arts destination for tourists and residents.

Spanning the counties of Barbour, Braxton, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Randolph, Taylor, Tucker, and Upshur, the Mountain Arts District is your first stop for an Appalachian cultural experience. The artists, artisans, craftspeople, performers, and locations featured here capture the traditions of mountain life and merge it with inspirations from other cultures to create the unique products and experiences that await you.


Support the Arts Economy

MAD is a collective marketing effort. Formed in 2019 by a group of volunteers, the MAD makes it easy for both visitors and lifelong residents to support the arts economy of this culturally rich region.

This concept for a collective integrated marketing strategy for the artists of our region was the brainchild of Elkins native and local designer, illustrator and marketer Lisa Armstrong of Ajuga, Inc., who also designed this website. Ongoing promotion is a group effort by volunteers and part-time staff.

Led by a coalition of artists, the Mountain Arts District seeks to lift up all those who are inspired by the mountains to live out their creative dreams.

  • Check out our news and events
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  • Then follow us on Facebook and Instagram and show your support for the people and organizations who are keeping the arts alive in our region.

Become a Member

We are always looking to add more participants to our online directory and other promotional resources. If you are an artist or musician, or if you run a venue, event, or festival in or near our area, becoming a member to take advantage of all our cross-promotional opportunities. The more we work together, the better we all will thrive.

Become a Sponsor

Beyond supporting our artists directly, you can support the arts economy of our region by advancing the success of the Mountain Arts District. Donate, volunteer, sponsor an event, or run an ad on our site. Contact us for more information.

“Art is not a thing, it is a way.”


Recent News

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Learn Stained Glass at The Arts Center

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