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Scottie Roberts Wiest

Functional Stoneware & Porcelain Pottery

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Phone: (304) 636-3625
City: Elkins, West Virginia
Street Address:
Zip Code: 26241

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Scottie Roberts Wiest is an Elkins native who has been selling functional pottery in West Virginia since 1967. After college she studied ceramics in Kyoto, Japan with Takeichi Kawai and at Rising Fawn, Georgia with Charles Counts. In 1981 Scottie with her husband Jim returned to her home town where she makes pottery, works with arts-in-education, gardens and lives.

The decorative functional pieces she produces are influenced by her native states unique environment and by the long history of human made clay forms. Scottie works in both stoneware and porcelain and fires her ware in gas fired kiln. Her ceramics are made for everyday use in the home, office, kitchen and for the table.


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