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ArtSpring is a 501c (3) non profit organization that operates year-round in Tucker County to connect artists, businesses, visitors, and community members. The organization was first founded as a committee of Alpine Heritage Preservation in 2010 and is headquartered at Cottrill’s Opera House in Thomas.

It is ArtSpring’s mission to be a steward of Tucker County arts. We support learning, emerging, and established artists across the spectrum of contemporary and traditional creative arts. We offer direct support to artists, promote Tucker County as an arts destination, act as the gateway to the arts of Tucker County and facilitate the engagement between the creative community and the public.

Each year during memorial day weekend, ArtSpring presents ArtSpring Festival–A Tour of Tucker County Arts. The Festival aims to encourage arts-based tourism through county-wide programming and events. ArtSpring Festival has grown each year and has most recently been enjoyed by approximately 2,000 participants – good for the arts, good for business and good for Tucker County.

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