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Anne Beardslee

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Basketry, Brooms | Textiles

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At an early age, I discovered that I was most happy when I was working with my hands, doing a project that required what I term “nit-picky details”. Although today I thoroughly enjoy reading, outdoor activities like biking or hiking with my husband and golden retriever, I am still the most relaxed and satisfied working with my hands.

My first pine needle creation was about the size of a walnut and took me 9 ½ hours to finish. Although it did not get any easier for a long time, after the second try, I was hooked and have been coiling ever since. I finally feel like I have found an art that allows me to be creative as well as mechanical. Each basket gives me the opportunity to do something totally different than the last project and the detail in each basket or tray brings me much joy.

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