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Talbott Frameshop, located at 220 Third Street, Elkins, began framing art in 1980 and has been providing quality service to its customers ever since. Local entrepreneur Jeff Barger bought the business in 2003, which has become known to most as just “The Frame Shop.”

Custom framing is the business’s specialty. Barger says, “Almost anyone can go to a store and buy a cheap frame with a piece of glass and pop in a picture. But as the years go by that piece will deteriorate and can actually be ruined beyond repair.” The shop uses quality acid free materials and professional framing techniques to ensure your framed piece will remain beautiful for generations.

Offering a wide variety of choices for framing art and other collectables and keepsakes, pricing varies according to the size of the piece, the moulding chosen, and other specifications such as glass and mat boards. Smaller pieces usually begin around $50, with larger pieces starting at $150 and up. “We can work with your budget to get your project completed and hung on the wall,” says Barger. A deposit isn’t required to start work but it is helpful. Most jobs can be completed within 4-6 weeks depending on availability of supplies.

The Frame Shop works with regular everyday customers as well as with large companies. Always a supporter of the local art community, the Talbott Frameshop offers a 15% discount to artists framing their own work.

In addition to posters, prints and original works of art, the shop has framed a variety of items including board games, puzzles, swords, jerseys, medallions, pins, flags and many other family heirlooms and memorabilia. It has the ability to design different types of mat cutouts to give the piece of work the desired look.

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