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Kylie Proudfoot-Payne

Arts Educator & Landscape Painter

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Arts Educator | Mixed Media | Painting, Illustration | Pottery, Ceramics, Sculpture | Textiles

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Born and raised in West Virginia, Kylie draws inspiration from the light and changes of the landscape. Although she describes herself primarily as a landscape painter, Kylie explores a variety of different medias for creative expression.

Working with young artists to create custom fabric sculptures through her website,, she has developed sensitivity to working with children’s drawing to replicate their designs in sculpture form that integrates well in the educational setting to teach them drawing skills.

With ArtsBank Inc. she focuses on teaching the elements of art while integrating science and perceptional skills in the elementary classrooms. Currently she is exploring the art of collaborating with performing artists as the surfaces themselves for the painting not only as the subject matter while investigating the transitory nature of the art experience.

Kylie resides in her hometown of Belington WV, with her husband and three daughters.

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