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Katy McClane

Painted Cut Wood Design and Flute

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Arts Educator | Mixed Media | Painting, Illustration | Singers, Musicians, Bands | Woodworking

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Katy McClane, B.A. Slippery Rock University, has been drawing, painting, and playing the flute since childhood. She has always drawn inspiration from both music and visual art. In her studio, Woodland Creations WV, she cuts and paints wooden art doors, paints in oils and mixed media.

She offers live flute music in whatever space available. A resident of Elkins, WV, Katy teaches flute lessons at the Art Center, narrates and plays music on the New Tygart Flyer Scenic Excursion Train from Elkins, serves on the Elkins Tree Board and is a WVU Master Gardener Volunteer for the City of Elkins.

Visit Katy McClane’s Facebook page for more information.

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