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Don Hall

En Plein Air, Impressionism, & Realism Painter

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Painting, Illustration

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Don Hall, a native West Virginian, is a professional artist who began to paint when he was 33 years old. He studied extensively with well-known American artists, developing his talents as a landscape painter.

Don’s work has been greatly influenced by French Impressionism and the Hudson River school of painting. He paints a variety of subjects, concentrating primarily on landscapes. He prefers to work en plein air, exclusively in oils on linen, canvas and artist board, capturing lovely mid-Atlantic, New England, and western landscapes in a style that reflects both realism and impressionism. He has a great sensitivity to his subject matter and an extraordinary sense of color. His combinations of color and subject matter create a tranquil mood that has a soothing effect on the viewer.

Don is one of the featured artists in the book 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic. He is a member of Oil Painters of America, the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters’ Society, and Tamarack, the best of West Virginia. He is an artist member of the Tucson, Arizona Plein AIr Painters’ Association and the Randolph County Community Arts Center, Elkins WV.

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